Product Description

The HA TECH Nucleic Acid Extraction System (HAT AutoES96) is the ultimate nucleic acid purification solution for preparing COVID-19 samples for PCR testing. High-throughput and automated, when used with the HA TECH NAE-01 nucleic acid extraction kits, it can complete quality extraction of 96 samples within 15-30 minutes.

Technical Parameters

Extraction Method Magnetic Beads
Sample Capacity 96-well
Sample Volume 20-1000 µl
Extraction Time 15-30 min
Magnetic Bead Recovery ≥98%
Magnetic Flux of Bar 3000-6000 Gs
Operating Temperature RT-105°C
Disinfection Method UV Light
Safety Door Design The instrument operation is suspended when the safety door is opened
Operating System Windows system
Scanning Optional
Power Supply AC-100-240V 50Hz/60Hz

Target Gene Fluorophores

Product Cat. No.
Nucleic Acid Extraction System HAT-AutoES96

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